• An auto care app for users to schedule appointments, track vehicle information, obtain discounts, from any mobile device. Users receive a “Your Vehicle is Ready” notifications and can store all of their vehicles service records like warranty policies, manufacturer’s service recommendations and get repair cost estimates.

    NAPA .

  • Real Magic TV is a single show with a vast library of archived episodes and artist profiles, made available to users for free through this application and the show’s official site and partners. Features of the app includes Video on demand, new artist profiles each week to listen full songs, watch interviews and live performances.

    Real Magic Tv .

  • Yogalean® is a fitness app which guides its users, like a companion, regarding weight loss, weight management and whole-life wellness. The app covers all aspects of a healthy living style including: Daily meal plans Yoga and exercises Focus through meditation.

    Yogalean .

  • Private app for a snow removal company. Their employees log in to the system to get list of tasks assigned. Their location updates every minute for Task manager. On task completion, they post final picture into the system.

    ASI Management .

  • “Go to” application for sports teams, leagues and clubs to organize and track match schedules, news, player rosters and memberships. Features are Facebook Graph API, photo sharing, comment, likes, follow and un-follow team.

    Statwack .

  • The Packer’s Produce Universe is the virtual marketplace for the fresh produce supplier. It is a place where buyers, sellers and service providers connect in real time, exchanging trade information.

    Produce Universe .

  • App for doctors to communicate with their patients. They can approve appointments scheduled by patients, queue patients in waiting area, assign rooms and review patient history using text and charts.

    Doc App .

  • Pocket trainer that allows users to create customized fitness programs, and then assists in achieving them. Main features are: BMR & BMI calculator Personal Health Tutor Monthly & weekly exercise plans Display history using charts Assistance with voice

    Fitness Helper .

  • Sportody® is world’s largest review network for outdoor sports providers. From kayaking to base-jumping, Sportody let its users browse 120 different types of outdoor sports in more than 80,000 locations. Users can: Share providers’ photos/videos with friends Compare adventures

    Sportody .

  • Kingdom Monsters is a 2D puzzle game built using Corona SDK. User swipes a monster in any of the four directions to move and throw another monster in the way. It continues until all monsters are removed from the screen. It currently has 80 difficulty levels.

    Kingdom Monsters .

  • Zameen connects people with the largest database of real estate properties in Pakistan, helping them to find houses for sale, purchase and rent. Users of the app can also filter their searches according to property type, location, area and price range and then mark them as favorites for easy access later.

    Zameen .

  • A sports information app for the Alabama sports channel. From high school to the national level, it updates users about scores, fixtures and all the latest happenings in the world of football, basketball and baseball. Moreover, users can also submit their favourite game videos and pictures to be used on the ABC 33/40 sports news and website.

    ABC 33/40 Sports .