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3D Application for Patients with Foot Disability .

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A Medical  3D application was developed for patients with foot disabilities using Structure Sensor. It produces a 3D model of a patient’s disabled foot from a scanned image. This iOS application then allows the user to create an order for treatment and sends it to the doctor. An order contains one or two 3D scanned images of a patient’s foot, a list of images related to patient’s foot, details of patient and details of his/her foot style etc. The application also displays a list of draft orders that will be processed in the future.

This is the main screen that appears once a user opens the app. The user can either login or register as a new user.1

Once a user is logged in he/she can opt for new scan, order listing and/or draft order.2

The user then proceeds to select the foot which he/she wants to scan.3

The app will perform a scan of the foot to produce a 3D model. The foot has to be inside the box in order to get a perfect 3D model. In case the 3D model produced is inadequate, the user can opt for a new scan.3D app

Once a user is done with the scanning he/she can add the images of the scanned foot in the order form. 3D App

The order form contains details related to the patient as well as his/her doctor.order form

Different details of the patient’s foot injury or impairment need to be filled in before sending it to the doctor.3D appThe app is integrated with a web portal where doctors can view the number of patients assigned to them along with the full details of their medical cases.

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  1. Using the model, podiatrists assessing a patient can place skin-markers on anatomically significant points of the patient’s foot. The foot is then scanned in 3D, replacing the need for plaster of Paris or foam impression casts.

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