5 Myths About The Mobile Software Industry .

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Having been active participants in the mobile revolution which has completely revolutionized the way we live our lives, we have come across some of the most ridiculous notions linked to success in the mobile software industry. These misguided notions have often discouraged people from seeing their ideas to fruition, or encouraged others with half-cooked ideas to spend thousands in development without even a proof of concept.

Here we have listed down 5 of the most common (and harmful) myths prevalent in the mobile software industry.

  1. A Free App Will Mean Tons Of Downloads:

And pigs will fly.

It is a common misconception among first-time App owners that once their product is available on the App Store for free, it would be easy to secure a few thousand downloads… Do you know how many free Apps are out there? Why would anyone download yours above the hundred others with similar offerings?

Your pricing strategy will only take you so far. You need a comprehensive mobile strategy, with a comprehensive marketing plan to have any hope of achieving a respectable number of downloads.

  1. You Need To Be A Techie To Succeed In The Mobile App Industry:

Well it certainly helps to be a Techie, but understanding the users and what they want could prove to be much more important.

At the end of the day, the mobile industry is exactly that: an industry. Being a software engineer or someone with deep technical knowledge will definitely help, especially in saving you some of the cost initially, but it would take someone who understands business and the marketplace to make your software a commercial success.

You may not know the first thing about programming, but if you understand people and what they value, you may still have the next million dollar idea. With a good business sense, the right resource allocation, and smart outsourcing, you could still build a mobile start-up to realize your vision.

Speaking of million dollar ideas…

  1. Your Revolutionary Idea Is Going To Change The World:

Hold on! We are not saying it’s impossible. It’s just that you won’t believe how many others out there thought exactly that, only to later realize that that’s not how the world works. Be a realist, no matter how brilliant your first idea is, or how solid your planning is, assume that there is still much you will learn along the way, and your final product might evolve so much, you could have a hard time recognizing it.

There is no way you have it all figured out just yet, no one does. Trust us.

  1. We’ll Figure Things Out Along The Way:

Er… No, you won’t!

I know we just said your idea will evolve along the way, but being flexible is not the same as being unprepared. Leave no stone un-turned when it comes to the App that you hope could one day be a source of income for you. While, you will certainly HAVE to figure some things out along the way, don’t wait for the crisis to hit you – trust us, there will be enough of that anyway.

Intricately plan out everything: the feature list, the wireframes, revenue model, third party integration, distribution, promotions etc.

  1. Once The Money Starts Flowing In, Just Sit Back & Relax:


There is no such successful App out there that has stayed the same over the years. As a matter of fact, this holds true for every industry. It is said that in the tech industry, every innovation is outdated within 6 months. Why do you think your App Store keeps prompting you to update one App or the other? It’s because the owners of these Apps know they must constantly improve and innovate to stay ahead of the curve, and to keep users interested.

App users are fickle creatures. If they are not constantly entertained with new ways to do something, or an extra set of features, or even a different color scheme, they will move to the next shiny thing that enters their peripheral vision.

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