Using Twilio API to Build a Mobile Application .

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Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VOIP and SMS apps via a web API. Voice communication with landlines or other Twilio devices, including web browsers and other mobile hardware, is supported by Java Library for Android.

Our Appdev360 engineer, Abu Bakar. decided to test its video call feature in a sample application, to thoroughly understand its working. He used Twilio Android SDK for two different mediums:

  • Mobile to Server
  • Mobile to Mobile

Abu Bakar created a Twilio account on the application and then proceeded to its developer console. Upon creating his account, he received an access token along with the confirmation email. A web-based video chat window appeared in Twilio’s developer console as soon as the access token was copied into the Android application Class.


To gather configuration options from the console Abu Bakar had to insert a server-side code before running it. He used the following configuration options to run a server side code:

  1. Twilio Account SID
  2. Twilio Video Configuration SID
  3. API key
  4. API Secret


Similarly, he made a mobile-to-mobile conversation by using two different access tokens with different identities. He then invited one account from the other to the application by inserting the respective identities.


2 thoughts on “Using Twilio API to Build a Mobile Application

  1. Can you send source code?

    1. SAmi,

      We cannot provide the exact source code. However, our developer created this application using Twillio official SDK.

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