Cross-platform app development for iPhone and Android

Cross-Platform App Development for iPhone and Android .

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With cross-platform app development, you build one application that runs on multiple operating systems. It offers convenience by allowing you to create apps that look and feel truly native on any platform but written in one codebase.

Isn’t that awesome?

Let’s talk more about it!

Whether you are designing an application for your client or personal usage, building an application has become simpler than ever.

Once you have an idea, you make a start by defining your potential audience. Build customer personas to deeply understand your market. And finally, find a team to work on the project. But, you often face the challenge of needing to develop an app for multiple platforms. By this I mean, targeting both Android and iOS devices.

So, how to solve this problem of developing apps for multiple platforms?

Cross-platform mobile development
As per the above report, it seems like the US mobile application market is full of Android and iOS devices. Wouldn’t you like to have an application designed that can handle both platforms?

Cross-platform mobile development caters to several platforms. Whereas, Native mobile development is for a specific platform, for instance, iOS or Android. You can develop a native Android app with Java or Kotlin and pick Swift and Objective-C for iOS applications. Nevertheless, startups are always very much bothered about the high cost of native app development. This is why app development for both Android and iOS is encouraged.

Positives of Cross-platform App Development

Should you go cross-platform? Let’s have a look why its fruitful:

Very Lucrative

  1. Single code
  2. One team
  3. No extra skills required; you can use existing HTML, JavaScript, C# skills
  4. One version to keep you in sync

Rapid Development

Only one development cycle is required to design an application that can run on diverse platforms.

‍Single Code Base

As the application is designed with a single development tool, the code base is written only once but can be used for both Android and iOS.

Cross-Platform App Frameworks in 2021

Can you afford your absence on Android and iOS platforms? Keeping the statistics into consideration, would you not prefer to penetrate deeper into both the markets?

Cross-platform mobile app development is an optimal and pocket-friendly solution for you. So, let’s check out the top cross-platform app frameworks to use in 2021.

  1. PhoneGap
  2. Iconic
  3. React Native
  4. Flutter
  5. Xamarin
A massive amount of cross-platform mobile development frameworks have appeared to support the demand in 2021. These five frameworks are so helpful that giving just an idea would not justify their popularity.

This is why I suggest you read my second series on Cross-Platform App Frameworks in 2021.

In a Nutshell

In a world where everyone is focused on creating mobile versions of their websites to stay ahead of the curve. Cross-platform mobile app development can be a suitable option, especially if you are a small or medium-sized corporation.

The shared pros and cons can very well explain why cross-platform app frameworks are becoming a popular choice amongst developers worldwide. The competition is tough and the demand is high.

If you want to develop a flawless application for your business, building a hybrid app is what I suggest. And for that, if you need any assistance from AppDev360, our developers are all prepared to conduct a 360-degree review to help you get started with the development today!