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Custom App Development Vs White Label App Development .

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Are you having a hard time finalizing an app idea? Do you not know either to go for a custom app development solution or a white label app development solution? Well, we can help you out with it, so stay tuned!

Your customers are looking for smart solutions, so your entire focus should be on developing solutions that can ease out things for them. We know that app development isn’t an easy job to do, but your customers are smartphone lovers so there has to be an app solution available from your end. So, you are left with only two options here: white label app development or a custom mobile app?

The decision entirely depends on the nature of the app, the time that is assigned for the development, and the budget defined. You will get to know the positives and negatives of both methods and decide what to go for.

Sounds good? Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s crush this!

White-Label Vs. Custom

Custom app development means you want to have software created that fulfills a solution for a specific user or group of users. You get personalized software that fits perfectly to your businesses and compliments the ecosystem and reduces the use of multiple apps. This single app will serve all the functions you desire.

You own all the rights, there is less risk of a hacker hacking your system, you can introduce as many changes or revisions as desired. But it is most suitable for larger applications but it is not that much cost-effective.

White label app development can serve small and medium-sized industries because usually, these businesses have a defined budget.

The Pros and Cons

Are the app features, deployment time, and development your major concerns? Every startup faces these issues and struggles to find some solutions to fix them. Not every startup can afford a custom app development, so the best solution to opt for is White label app development because it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

Those companies who go for a custom mobile app usually can afford such development and sell it to clients who already have a successful business going on. White label app development has numerous advantages and that is exactly what we are going to talk about here. Here are all the reasons why opting for such development can come in handy.

app development solution or a white label app

What are White-Label Apps?

Many entrepreneurs believe that having a website only doesn’t serve their purpose, hence, it is necessary to have an app too. So if you want to hit that market and invest in a mobile app, it is indeed a good move. But bear in mind, that app development is slightly tougher than designing a website. Sometimes, companies outsource the service from a third-party and this is where white-label jumps in.

White-label applications are designed by a private company and re-sold and branded by other big businesses. It is an already built app that can be sold to any business and that business can customize it as per their needs. So, if you want to get an app at the lowest cost and in the least time-frame, this is the best selection.

Why White-Label App Solution?

Here we display some reasons:

1- Though, white-label apps are pre-built apps but the buyer can still have it 100% customized. If you are a company buying this solution, you don’t have to write a single line of code. You can always customize it other than to spend your valuable time on coding the entire app.

2- Other than to divide your time into schooling the developers and at the same that marketing the brand, you can simply go for a well-established white label app development company that has been selling such apps for years.

3- Since there is an app already developed in place, you can have it delivered to you with some minor UI/UX changes and your business logo, and your custom app will be ready within a few days. Your time is saved!

4- No matter how revolutionary features you propose, if there are bugs in them, users will still end up altering them. So, other than to devote your valuable time to design a custom app, it’s better to offer a white-label app.


If you are a newly established company and your business idea is missing out on newness, you have little funds and time, then we suggest you go for a white label solution. And if you are having a business idea that is enormous, you have sufficient funds and time, then you should go for a custom app development. It is as easy as this!

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