Developed A ColorBlend Game Using Lua .

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ColorBlend  is a classic game developed in Corona SDK, using Lua, that will challenge your ability to arrange and blend different colors. The game contains a 9 * 9 grid of circles in the three primary colors (yellow, blue, and red). A colored bar above the game grid tells you the color you need to connect in order for the circles to blend. ColorBlend also comes with a counter clock timer and game score labels.

Game Features:

The bar color is chosen randomly from any of the primary or secondary colors (yellow, red, blue or orange, green, and purple). Game time is 2 minutes or 120 seconds.

The user will match respective circles according to the bar color i.e.

1- If the bar indicates a primary color then the objective is to match two circles in the same color as that of the bar:-

I-Blue (Circle) + Blue (Circle)        >>         Blue (Bar)

ii- Red (Circle) + Red (Circle)         >>        Red (Bar)

iii- Yellow (Circle) + Yellow (Circle)    >>       Yellow (Bar)

2- If the bar indicates a secondary color (such as purple, orange or green) then the objective is to match two circles in colors that combine to create the bar color:-

i- Blue (Circle) + Red (Circle)           >>        Purple (Bar)

Ii-Red (Circle) + Yellow (Circle)         >>       Orange (Bar)

iii- Yellow (Circle) + Blue (Circle)         >>       Green (Bar)

The player has the option to match the circles horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Circles matching the bar color should be adjacent to previously selected circles. Successfully matched circles will be removed from the grid and new circles will pop up from the top to fill the gap.

After 20 seconds the bar color will change automatically and the user will have a new objective to match the circles according to the bar color.

For each set of two circles matched, in correspondence with the bar color, the user will gain 2 points. After passing the 120 second mark the score will be stored in both the local device and cloud.



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