Developing Android App for Fleet Management System .

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One of our clients hired us to develop an Android app that could collect data from LMU Hardware and display it accordingly. LMU 4200 Hardware Series is used in fleet management systems that are placed in trucks. The hardware is connected with different sensors, performing two of the following functions:

  • Monitoring the internal atmosphere of the truck
  • Collecting Data such as temperature, load cell weight and water boiler status etc

LMU was a customized hardware and, therefore, sufficient knowledge about the working of the API was necessary in order to make the tasks doable. Our Appdev360 engineer Habiba Naushahi asked our client to send us their requirements so that she could conduct a thorough research on the hardware.

The hardware comprised of MDT-7 tablet and an LMU device linked via USB Cable. The client did not send Habiba any sensors. Provided SDK and documentation was also not comprehensive, which is why she had to be vigilant at every stage of app development.

After conducting an in-depth research, she was able to find few APIs that could serve the required purpose i.e. changing accumulators, getting current readings from accumulators and receiving/sending canned messages etc. Based upon the research, Habiba developed a demo app that contained customized features such as:

  • Engineering Screen
  • Writing Accumulators
  • Receiving job alerts
  • Receiving/Sending Text Messages
  • Displaying weight of the Ticketed Load

She also created an estimation report on the app life cycle so that the client would adapt, tinker and implement changes needed for the idea to surpass. After that, the demo app was sent to the client for review.

The client was delighted by her work and sent an appreciation note on executing the app requirements successfully.

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