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Importance of Firebase in Mobile App Development .

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Firebase mobile app development might just be the thing that can be your savior. In the modern world, sophistication plus simplicity is the new motto when it comes to developing mobile applications. With Firebase, the possibilities for a backend developer become endless. Furthermore, Firebase is preferred by iOS as well as Android developers simply because of its performance-based elements.

What exactly is Firebase?

Firebase is considered as one of the most prominent Backend-as-a-Solution (BaaS). For backend developers, Firebase can be considered as a lifeline as it provides powerful tools to carry out all major functions within an application. It was acquired by Google in 2014 and since then Firebase’s prominence has only increased. Firebase is now considered one of the most popular backend solutions in a plethora of fields.

There are several reasons why Firebase is important. Let’s explore some of them from the perspective of a backend solution for development.

Fixing the Bugs:

One of the biggest advantages of using Firebase mobile app development is that it can help in fixing bugs from the backend. Any backend developer knows how frustrating it can get for bugs to occur and resolving them is even a bigger hassle. Firstly, it comes with a crash reporting feature. All the coding errors can be figured out from within the backend from Firebase. Here are some of the ways through which you can use the crash feature on Firebase:

Monitor your Errors:

Firebase works wonders when it comes to monitoring fatal errors. As these errors can be detrimental to your cause, identifying them as soon as possible is the best way to resolve them. Crash reports hence are generated depending on the impact of errors on your development process. Firebase mobile app development process will also allow you to receive email alerts.

Report Scope:

The crash report scope comes free with firebase and can help you achieve tremendous quality parameters. Error reporting can also be configured remotely for the purpose of providing access to different users.

Data Synchronization:

Firebase offers a real-time database that is backed up by a cloud-hosted NoSQL database. This allows the synchronization of your data within clients. That is obviously stored as well which makes it quite easy for developers to gain access through any device.

One of the biggest advantages of Firebase mobile app development is that you don’t need additional software development kits when it comes to the backend. Thanks to the real-time database no additional tools are required. You can further execute the backend code corresponding to an event through the real-time database.

Use of Google Analytics:

Remember we mentioned before that Firebase got acquired by Google? Well, after its acquisition it really started to make rounds in the world of backend development. One of the benefits was that Google Analytics can be integrated with Firebase. Through this integration, you can track down a user’s journey on multiple devices. Google Analytics also allows you to export your data to BigQuery.

Effective Web Hosting:

Firebase terms its hosting as, “production-grade content hosting for developers.” This essentially means that all you have to do is to provide unified command and you can easily deploy web applications. One of the advantages of using firebase hosting is that you can deploy static as well as dynamic content to a global Content Delivery Network (CDN). Looking to host microservices? Firebase has got you covered here as well, as you can pair Firebase with Cloud functions to host microservices.

Emulation and Sharing of your Changes:

Going live? Hold up as before going live you can even emulate and share your changes. This allows you to be secured in terms of your final product and is a great way to test it as well. Going live can be problematic in a lot of ways and this allows you to view and test your changes. You can use a locally hosted URL and interact with an emulated backend, this will generate temporary URLs that you can share with your team.


Last but not the least, is the security Firebase provides. With zero-configuration SSL, content is always delivered with complete security.

In a Nutshell:

The use of Firebase in Android or iOS mobile app development is quite common. The fact is, Firebase is the best Backend-as-a-Solution in the world of Backend development. Firebase mobile app development is one of the most effective platforms to achieve what you require.

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