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GIF App Development: A Concise Guide .

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Are you a fan of GIFs? Do you want to know how to make a GIF on Android?

Everybody is keen to use GIFs in either text chats or social media conversations. Giphy is a famous search engine to find funny GIFs, reaction GIFs, unique GIFs, and more. Sometimes you can’t find the perfect GIFs even on this platform. We say how about you make your own GIF app?

We can help you address stiff challenges that you can encounter during GIF App development. Are you up for it?

Defining The Term GIF

Even if you don’t know how to explain this term, you have seen one before. They are more popular than one can expect. You can effectively express a state of emotion, sentiment, or a pun in a fun way.

2019 was a rough year for everyone — be glad to know that you’re not the only one whose jaw was dropped saying “what the hell happened to the World in this year.”

The much-loved trend of the year is the GIF trend. People are sharing amazing moments from their lives through it. They are further searching for tools that can help them design spectacular GIFs and those must be user-friendly too.

As the market is loaded with such tools; would you like to develop GIF apps like GifBoom, Giffer, or Giphy Cam? It is worth-knowing what trials you can anticipate during a GIF app development, and how to combat them.

So, let’s discuss know how to make a GIF on Android in an easy way.

A Concise Guide to GIF App Development

Making a GIF file out of pictures may seem a bit similar to creating a video file. Designers believe that GIF animation is much harder than any other animation. Bear in mind:

  • GIF app development for Android requires ample time for research and testing.
  • Your development team must be familiar with Android NDK.
  • It is worth your time and effort. Ensure working with the team, know that it’s not a one-person show.
  • The app may need regular maintenance’ what’s fresh today may become obsolete tomorrow.


Everybody loves smartphone apps; they are fun, and sometimes you even obtain information from them. But, designing a smartphone app can require a little more than expected effort. Especially when it comes to choosing the right programming language.

Amongst several programming languages, Python is one language that can be used for GIF App development. If you don’t like Python, you can use Java, Kotlin, C#, or C++.

GIPHY Developers

GIPHY SDK offers the world’s biggest GIF library. The software development kit is built for you to incorporate GIFs, stickers, and exclusive content like GIPHY Text and Emoji into your next app.

GIPHY API makes integration easy for you. You use it across apps: messaging, chat, creation, community, and much more!

So, you must head forward to GIPHY developers to generate an API key to make requests. To get this key, you would need to first create an app. Once that app is created; you will be assigned your unique API key. That key is nothing but a code that has both: characters and numbers.

Android was not providing GIF support up to Android 8 that was named Oreo. In short, there was no encoding support given. But, Android 9 called Pie has an image decoder available. You can very well produce animated image drawables.


Animated GIF displaying is being controlled by famed third-party libraries such as Picasso, Coil, and Glide. For rendering and other complex operations, you may use android-gif-drawable.

Wrap Up

To design modern applications these days, you don’t truly have to write everything from scratch. There are libraries and APIs to design powerful apps. But, what is your resort to sophisticated methods to attain satisfactory results?
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