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GoPro Live Streaming in iOS .

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GoPro is a mobile app that enables users to control cameras, view photos and videos -remotely.  Appdev360 engineers conducted a research to find if there is any SDK available for iOS to interact with the GoPro Camera.

Appdev360 engineers understood the ecosystem of GoPro after looking at its official app to fetch the stream on the mobile devices. They went through their documentation and concluded that they have already provided a set of Python scripts to enable connectivity between the camera and device called “GoProhero”. Click here for installing the GoProhero Library.

While going through the documentation, Appdev360 engineers came across another piece of the library that uses GoProController and GoProControllerUI APIs for automating the process of connectivity between the camera and device. The following link provides details along with a complete setup to enable GoProController & GoProControllerUI, respectively:

  1. GoProController
  2. GoProControllerUI

These documentations depicts that most of the work is to be done on the server side. It will set up an intermediary controller and handle all the communication between different devices and GoPro cameras. The following image shows how the server side implementation looks like:


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