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8 Mobile Development Trends to Watch .

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Are you looking for mobile app trends 2021? The previous year has changed a lot of things in terms of how we interact with technology. Besides, the technological integration in our lives is seeing an upward trajectory.

mobile app trends 2021
When it comes to mobile technology trends 2021, you need to keep an open mind because these factors will improve your mobile app’s user experience. Here are the top 9 mobile app trends 2021:

1. The 5G Trend

The 5G technology and its rollout is going to significantly change the dynamics of how mobile apps are created. At the moment it isn’t exactly materialized to a full extent, however, the future is nearer than we can think at the moment. The introduction of 5G means that the speed and efficiency of apps will largely increase. Traffic capacity, loading time and network capability are some of the factors that are going to witness a change. Mobile apps will now be even more efficient.

5G technology

2. Chatbots – mobile app trends 2021

Having chatbots in your mobile application was a trend but in the year 2021 it’s a necessity. Many mobile applications still lack this vital feature and this is why it is a must to be adopted. Chatbots can improve your user’s experience significantly. Chatbots is an AI driven technology, talking about that it’s our next trend.

Chatbots - mobile app trends 2021

3. Artificial Intelligence

With the way AI has infiltrated the industry, it’s guaranteed to be in mobile app trends 2021. AI is influential in terms of how it can bring a change in the way humans interact with their mobile devices. Alexa or Siri are virtual assistants that have been in existence for a long time. But things are going way past then voice or speech recognition in AI, Core ML 3 was released by Apple in 2020 and this version will be adopted by app developers to embed AI technology.

mobile app trends 2021 and role of Artificial Intelligence

4. Mobile apps for Foldable Devices

Remember those foldable motorola cell phones that all of us used a decade ago? Well, trends can sometimes be weird, as foldable devices are making a comeback. Samsung Galaxy Fold is already out there and making headlines. Foldable devices offer one thing that is utility and it is expected we’ll be seeing a lot more of these in the future. Mobile app trends 2021 indicate that a lot more applications will be built for foldable devices and they obviously would be different than your regular applications.

Mobile development trends for Foldable Devices

5. Mobile Wallets

Mobile payments have gotten quite popular over the past few years. It’s no surprise that mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are a trend these days. Mobile wallet applications will continue to dominate the world of eCommerce and it’s time your app joins the mobile technology trends 2021 as well. Make sure that your mobile application has options for making payment through mobile wallets.

App development trends for mobile wallets

6. The AR Trend

With Pokemon Go, the AR trend came into being and continues to dominate the current year. The use of Augmented Reality in showcasing a wide range of effects. AR might not fit into all apps however its utility lies in the enormous benefits it can give to a user. A perfect example can be Google Live.

AR trends

7. Security and not just Basics

With the rise in technology and hackers getting smarter. Your mobile apps need the ultimate security to be effective. Security from malware, hacks, and unexpected attacks must be taken into account.

Security and not just Basics

8. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a major revelation in the field of data storage. However, the mobile application area is yet to see its full potential. Cloud storage and integration in mobile apps is already being done but the scale is relatively smaller. Mobile apps can store data and accomplish complex tasks on the cloud.

Cloud Computing
In Conclusion

Mobile app trends 2021 aren’t just trends, they’re the future of mobile application development. If you’re looking to get one, make sure to keep these trends in mind in order to truly make a difference in your mobile application.