How Mobile Applications are Becoming Increasingly Integrated .

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Expect apps in 2016 to become less about individual features and more about becoming an integral part of your life.

By 2016 it is anticipated that internet mobile device use will reach 10 billion globally- more than the world’s human population. This is expected to generate $24.5 billion in revenue from sales, compared to $11.4 billion accounted for in 2014.

The hottest app category in 2015 was Personalization apps that has been growing 332% year-on-year and 2016 will be no different. As the user experience with mobility becomes increasingly intimate thanks to movements like wearable tech, micro-interactions and the blurring distinction between mobile and web apps we see a deeper integration of mobile applications in day to day life- Now, within the compact yet limitless potential a mobile device offers everything from who you meet, to where you go and what you do is part of the user-app relationship.


And this integration is not limited to the marketing of apps alone; it is reflected in the design and development process as well. Mobile apps now cater to a versatile and detail oriented market of consumers seeking the most personalized experiences. From expecting mothers to foodies, fitness freaks to amateur film makers- apps provide the most convenient and customized selection of tools and services.


The landscape of human interaction has been further permeated by the IoT (Internet of Things) as well thanks to mobile app development. Consider, that before the mobility of apps through devices like smart phones, smart watches, smart TVS and smart cars digital interaction was anchored entirely to PCs – Tinder on your smartwatches, an unlimited database of recipes in your fridge, seeing a t-shirt you like and having it delivered to your doorstep it with a single scan.

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