Securing USB Drive via iPhone .

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Data protection is one of the highest priorities for any user or firm. Users want their personal data to be safe and secure at any cost.


Nowadays, people use different kinds of external hard drives that have the capacity to store hundreds of Terabytes of data. A User wants to secure his data in such a way that even if his drive is lost, no one will be able to access the data in it.


Our Appdev360 engineer Ghulam Rasool developed an application for a iOS client that is capable of locking and unlocking USB hard drives via iPhone. This USB is a special kind of hard drive containing Bluetooth. The application locks and unlocks the device using BLE (Bluetooth low energy) as a medium between Drive and iPhone.

Data transfer between iPhone and Drive is encrypted by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. It is one of the most advanced technologies for encryption that ensures the safety of USB hard drives.

How the application works

Whenever the application starts, it connects automatically with the BLE device in the background. The application displays device status via different colors. These colors perform the following three representations:

  • Red color indicates the drive is locked
  • Green color indicates the device is unlocked
  • Yellow color indicates the device is in reset state



The client could tap the unlock/lock button at any time to perform the device functions, respectively. He was delighted by the overall performance of the app and sent an appreciation note on executing the requirements successfully.

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