Security Tips for Android users .

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The open and flexible nature of Android has made it vulnerable to a lot of security threats. In order for users to be safe on the internet we recommend the following steps:-

  1. Download your Apps responsibly

Opt to download apps from endorsed sources like Google Play instead of independent and unregistered sources. Google does a lot of security checks on apps before they get published and, even before installing the app, makes sure that developers are complying with their stringent guidelines. Apps that are considered malicious are blocked and flagged for a manual review by the members of Android security team. If an app violates those guidelines, it gets blocked from Google Play and sometimes bars the developer too.

  1. Set a screen lock and activate Android Device Manager

It is important that you set a screen lock so that no one can access your data in case your phone gets lost (or when you’re not looking). In case of theft or loss Android Device Manager lets you remotely locate, lock and erase your data. This feature is enabled in all Android devices – all you need to do is activate it.

  1. Check that your device is encrypted

Encryption protects your data by storing it in unreadable format so, if your device is lost or stolen, your information will remain protected. To make sure your data is protected go to Settings and select ‘Encrypt Phone’ below the Encryption option.

  1. Manage app permissions

Apps installed on your device can usually only access the data that is inside them but if you provide them with extra permissions they can access your photos, location or even your important documents elsewhere on your device. To change your app permissions enter settings, tap Apps to see the list of installed apps on your device and follow the directions to change the permission settings.

  1. Use a Security App

You can download data security apps onto your device for protection. These apps do everything from monitoring your phone for viruses, to blocking malware/spyware and even reporting security threats. Some of these apps even include commands to remotely locate and/or shut down your device.  There are even unique anti-theft features such as the ability to take a photo of the person holding your lost or stolen device.You can even get custom security apps developed to suit your particular needs with appdev360!

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