Save Usage History On Server Without Login Information .

An iOS App was developed which is based on a questionnaire (with some multimedia content) for users who are feeling physical pain or discomfort. The app was intended to be used for quick relief of unwanted feeling, and didn’t require any Login/Sign up. Problem: After the completion of questionnaire, users can optionally maintain….

Displaying Images In UITableView With Minimum Delay In iOS .

In iPhone application development, displaying images in UITableView with a minimum delay is always a mess for any developer. Why this issue arises always? Let’s find out its answer and solution for it too. Problem: In a project, we had to display images in listings that are downloaded….

Camera2 API Integration .

Camera2 API is a recently released API provided by Google for lollipop (API Level 21). In one of our Android project, client wanted that his application should capture image with custom settings for Focus, Flash, Exposure and ISO by using this latest Camera2 API. Problem: Issues were faced while making some combinations of settings….