Role of Live Streaming Apps in Health & Education Sector

Role of Live streaming Apps in Health & Education Sector .

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The popularity of live streaming turned out to be a blessing in disguise as this industry is now expected to claim a CAGR of 9% during 2020-2025. Though that’s not the only positive of this technology as the role of live streaming in the health and education sector has also stayed impactful in the last several years.

Especially nowadays when it’s highly recommended to practice social distancing, live streaming in the health and education sectors has clicked at the right moment. Coming in as need of the hour, live streaming in different sectors is rising as an entirely new industry with overcoming the long-prevailing issues in the sectors.

Role of Live Streaming
One can’t deny the lack of health facilities in remote areas, it’s expensive to be afforded by everyone. Live streaming pushes these old traditions against the wall by creating health facilities for people regardless of their geo-location. In short, via live streaming health care is available to people residing in any nook and cranny worldwide.

At the same time, the role of live streaming has also powered the education sector to go universal with clearing the challenges of borders in a trouble-free way. The on-demand lectures and pre-recorded videos make it even easier for people from different fields to pursue their higher education remotely.

Role of Live Streaming in Health Sector

Live Streaming has given new life to telemedicine, which is an active strategy to reach out to health professionals for diagnosis and prescription purposes. Previously, in many parts of the world, telemedicine was only relying on voice call options for the conversation between patient and doctor. Now with live streaming Apps doctors can examine the patient via video and clearly diagnose the patient too.

All this minimizes the error to a great extent and improves the overall experience both for patients and doctors. The fascinating part is it also reduces the operational cost and standout as a convenient option.

Live Streaming Apps in Health Sector

Several years back, general live streaming Apps were used in the health sector for telemedicine. Now health professionals only count on HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant conferencing tools for the entire process.

Famous tools such as RingCentral and Zoom for healthcare are the perfect example of HIPAA-compliant video streaming tools.

Role of Live Streaming in Education Sector

eLearning is all over the internet as it has simply changed the way people used to get an education. Live Streaming Apps are the main reason e-Learning is getting hits across the globe. The idea of live streaming lectures makes education a convenient option for those willing to get it done remotely. The pre-recorded videos stored in a large repository comes with the option of on-demand video lectures.

The only setback these live streaming Apps for the education sector faced was lesser interactivity in comparison with those physical classes. Now with AI-based chatbots, the famous live streaming has even tackled that. Consequently, all this has made the future of live streaming Apps brighter than ever before.

Live Streaming Apps in Education Sector

Various Apps and platforms are being used for online video education. The most reliable ones in the business include Contus, Zype and Panopto.

Final Say

With keeping all the latest happenings in view, one can easily predict the role of live streaming will just get bigger and better over time. This won’t only open up new business opportunities for entrepreneurs but also result in skilful youth worldwide.

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