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Progressive Web Apps – The Future of Multi-Platform Development! .

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How much time do you spend on your smartphones daily? 3 hours probably or 4 to be max? You’d be amazed to know that, on average, Americans spend over 5 hours on smartphones daily! Furthermore, there are over 295 million smartphone users in America alone.

Based on these numbers, big companies plan their marketing strategies to target users directly on their mobile devices. They make an arduous effort to deliver a seamless user experience to their customers. If we take a look on the web, it can be seen that businesses are heavily investing in providing innovative web solutions. This is the reason why we see new technologies being born on a daily basis. To tell you further, the rapid adoption of Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is taking place. Leading brands are driving their businesses through PWAs, extracting full advantages from their capabilities.

Do you know which tech giants use PWAs? Twitter provides a remarkable user experience with responsive PWAs. Facebook is another example that employs PWA features to enhance the user interface. Likewise, media powerhouses like Forbes and BBC launched their own PWAs to circulate their news on multiple platforms.

But what exactly is a Progressive Web App development? And how businesses connect with their users with PWAs?

Let’s get right into it!

Progressive Web App Development: An Overview

Web applications help expand your reach, whereas platform-specific applications are meant to offer a better user interface. But where do Progressive web applications fit in?

Guess what, Progressive web app development brings all the incredible features at one place—installability, reliability, and multi-platform support. PWAs are developed with modern APIs to enhance their components to ensure presence on every platform.

Progressive Web App Development
To put its effectiveness in perspective, PWA has three pillars:

1- Capability: Modern APIs are proving their potential to furnish app badging and full media control.

2- Reliability: PWAs are extremely fast and reliable, irrespective of the network

3- Installability: Progressive web applications development can be effortlessly launched from the taskbar or home screen.

Progressive Web App Development: Enjoy The Best of Both Worlds!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that progressive web app development offers the best of both worlds as they bring forth new capabilities in modern browsers. It ensures a consistent user experience. Let me back this claim with the numbers!

Companies that introduced Progressive Web Applications witnessed unprecedented results. Take Twitter, for instance, which saw a 75 percent increase in the number of tweets after launching Progressive Web Application. Nikkie says that after moving to Progressive web app development, their organic traffic grew by 2.3 times.

Progressive Web Application Development
In a nutshell, Progressive Web Applications go a long way in blending the latest technologies of both web and mobile applications. PWA is the future since it is the right choice in terms of reach, features, and budget.

How Businesses Utilize Progressive Web App Development to Connect with Users

The impressive features of Progressive Web Applications like cross-platform compatibility, ease of access, and speedy page load time render an ideal customer experience. Take a look at how PWAs connect with online users.

How Businesses Utilize Progressive Web App Development to Connect with Users

Mobile App-like Interface and Features

Even though PWA is not a mobile application, it still gives you native app-like features. These features include:

  • Enabling push notifications
  • Ability to operate offline
  • Adding shortcut to the home screen
  • Adaptable interface
  • Consistency across all devices

Rising Expectations from Businesses

In this digital era, customers’ expectations have soared. Even if they get a little underwhelming experience, they immediately switch to another brand. Won’t you switch to another brand if you feel dissatisfied? Consider the fact below:

Rising Expectations from Businesses
Pinterest observed a 60 percent increase in user engagement due to fast-loading with progressive web app development.

Versatility and Adaptability

Big businesses understand that to stay ahead of competitors, they have to keep up with state-of-the-art technologies. In this regard, versatility and adaptability are the core features of PWAs. They can help readily adopt new functionalities and upgrade the older ones.

Progressive Web Apps are built on the idea of constant transition where new features can easily be added with time. This means that unlike native mobile apps and a website, PWA can work for years to come.

Quicker Delivery in Less Cost

Wondering how it can be less expensive to build? This is because it has one codebase. One codebase implies one dedicated team that works on it, a single software approach, and a single unit to test it all!

Furthermore, bugs and errors are fixed early, consequently ensuring faster delivery speed. The cost of development and designing is way less than its counterpart; native apps.

Time to Build Your Best Progressive Web Application

To sum it up, Progressive Web Apps are faster and smaller because they consume less space. They have offline capabilities, are more cost-friendly than other apps, and enjoy substantial independence (you don’t have to rely on application stores).

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