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Why Should Your Next App Have a Node.js Backend? .

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Node.js backend framework is the best! Want to know why?
The current world population is above 8 billion and from this figure, there are about 3.2 billion smartphone users. These stats indicate that after all the necessities of life, a smartphone holds greater importance to you.
Worldwide lockdown and work from home glued you to your mobile devices due to which an incredible spike in app downloads is recorded. Whether it is a gaming app or a food delivery app, the shift is too big to be ignored.
Since survival without cell phones is impossible today; let’s discuss how quality apps from start to finish can be designed.

Why Are Apps Important for Business?

As the mobile market continues to evolve, companies strive hard to develop solution-based apps. Adobe apps, Google Translate, Tasker, YouTube, IKEA Place, WallaMe are some of the most serviceable apps in the world that are worth using.
There’s literally an app for everything. Sending emails, monitoring the weather, listing notes, or playing a relaxing game, they make apps for a purpose.
Since designing apps is this important, then why not design quality apps? And when it comes down to the development, Node.js backend framework is adored by the developers for its raw speed.

Do you know what Node.js is and why it is used?

Each app has a client and server-side. They both describe where web application code runs. Client-side is what you as a user sees on an app; text, images, UI, along with any actions you perform within the user’s browser.

Server-side is any action that takes place on a web server. Between the two, the server-side holds the most importance because it helps in improving the UI too. So, we are going to focus on that one technology that is ideal for creating flawless server-side apps.
You will learn about Node.js backend framework that has influenced the development of mobile apps in recent years. Let’s discuss why you should prefer Node.js and what’s so special about it!

Node.js backend framework

Why is Node.js Backend Framework Efficient?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to backend frameworks. One of the popular ones is Firebase; a platform provided by Google. But when it comes to more complex applications, even this platform becomes a big problem too.
However, Node.js backend framework is more flexible. You can easily develop data-intensive applications using this framework.
You might be surprised to know that Node.js has minimal runtime requirements. This simply means that the server can manage intensive workloads and provides increased efficiency.
Do you know that users abandon your apps if it takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to load? Node.js comes in handy when it comes to web app speed.
Did you know Netflix got their loading time down to 2 to 3 seconds from 5 to 10 seconds by implementing Node.js on their server?
Since Node.js can be used in both front-end and back-end, companies prefer Node.js for the backend because of its ease of expandability.

With it:

  • The development becomes concise.
  • It is fast because it stores its data in native JSON.
  • Apps designed in Node.js can be scaled and give a relatively great performance.

Why is Node.js Backend Framework Efficient
Uber has taken great advantage of the scalability that Node.js provides in managing their millions of rides every day.

  • Node.js backend framework is one of the easiest languages to learn. This makes it simple for developers to code both front and backend.
  • The project efficiency is great as it takes less time to push projects to completion which ultimately saves your cost.

Take Paypal for example, they reduced their development time to almost half by integrating Node.js.
Freelancing Gig gave Node.js backend framework 3rd position right above PHP for being the easiest language for server-side scripting.
Node.js offers great help in solving the I/O problems. But if you do not own a CPU-intensive operation, you can make the most out of Node.js and enjoy fast and flexible mobile applications.
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Hire a Node.js backend framework developer today of your choice and witness the change.
To store your faith in the competency of Node.js here are a few examples:

dedicated Node.Js developer

Top Mobile Apps that Used Node.js

1. Paypal

Paypal is the biggest payment system in the world. It is faster and much safer. You can do much with it; buy, sell, hold crypto, pay with rewards, manage utility bills, and lots more—right from your phone.
When the director was asked why he chose Node.js backend framework for Paypal, he said:
“Node.JS helps us solve this (the boundary between the browser and the server) by enabling both the browser and server applications to be written in JavaScript. It unifies our engineering specialties into one team which allows us to understand and react to our users’ needs at any level in the technology stack”.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the powerhouse for streaming movies and TV shows. Even it took full advantage of Node.js for its faster reload concerns.
Shifting its user interfaces to Node.js, the development was streamlined, build time was reduced, and the level of customization of its UIs for each user was improved.
Netflix decides to use Node for Codex as well, which is a set of capabilities to deliver specific features to specific customers.

3. Uber

How does Uber manage 14 million rides every day? Do you ever wonder how quickly the app arranges an uber driver for you? It is because of the Node.js backend framework; it processes the information like the arrival time of the car in just a matter of seconds.

4. eBay

With over 100 million-plus downloads, eBay has become one of the largest eCommerce platforms today. Its two primary requirements/objectives were to make the application’s data as real-time as possible, as well as to display a vast amount of eBay-specific services on the page. This was made possible with Node.js!

5. Linkedin

of course, Linkedin!
The platform mentioned that offering the app in multiple languages was made possible through Node.js.

6. GoDaddy

With over 61 million domains registered, GoDaddy is the most famous domain-hosting company in the world. Their choice to go with Node.js greatly enhanced the quality of their mobile app as well as enabled them to add new features.
But, more importantly, opting for Node.js allowed them to remain fully functional with less hardware and cut down their server dependency by 10 times without compromising the speed and any linked features.
Do you want to benefit from using Node.js now? If you’re finally considering it for your venture, talk to our Node.js expert TODAY!

In Essence

A framework defines how your mobile application works. All the special features and designs you see in your app are provided by the virtue of a framework. Further prominence of these features, design, and user-friendliness is done by the developer. Therefore it’s highly important to choose a framework that best aligns with your app idea, features, and design point of view.
If you require a scalable app that is capable of intensive data collection and offers a lightning-fast load time, Node.js is the right framework for you!

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