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Why is Duolingo the Second Most Famous App Worldwide .

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Summary: Do you want to learn more languages? Do you want to experience new cultures, get to know new people, and communicate better in general? The Duolingo app is here to teach you language lessons.
You must be wondering if this app can make you fluent? Well, this app cannot make you speak smoothly but it’s a great way to get started with the language lessons. The best thing is that you can take the lessons for free. They do have paid subscriptions by the name Duolingo Plus but it’s just for US$6.99/mo which is quite reasonable.
You can download this application from Google Play Store or the iOS app store and install it on your smartphone. Duolingo app is known as the world’s best platform for language lessons because it provides you an option to learn 15 different languages in a fun, and effective way.
Those 15 languages are categorized into different courses that are as follows.

  • 4 beta courses (8 different languages being “hatched”)
  • Spanish speakers can choose only six languages
  • French speaker has an opportunity to learn 4 languages

popular languages on duolingo
Duolingo App allows you to pick a daily goal before delivering the language lessons to you.
The world is saying this about Duolingo 
most popular languages on duolingo
Right after the worldwide panic, it was reported that 30 million fresh learners began learning a language on the Duolingo app, which is 67% more novel pupils during the same period in the year 2019.
Duolingo has plenty of room for growth. Beyond 2 billion people across the globe are taking language lessons, and they are frequently doing it online. The app has already bagged $6 billion in revenue, and that number is expected to rise to $8.7 billion by 2025.
Furthermore on the Duolingo app, English remains the most popular language, whereas, Spanish took over French as no.2.
most popular language

Duolingo Language Lessons

Duolingo plans are personalized; if you know the language a little bit, then it starts your learning journey with a placement test. If you don’t know the language at all then you learn the basics first.
The Duolingo app has plenty of free language lessons to offer. The variety ranges from flashcards, multiple-choice quizzes, sentences, and phrases. You can connect with a large community of students who are learning the same language you are. You can even make notes on the apps.
It has the following features:

1. Swift Progress

The classes efficiently teach listening, reading, and speaking skills.

2. Stay Encouraged

Taking language lessons becomes a habit because it is user-friendly. You get game-like features, fun contests, and reminders from the mascot, Duo the owl.

3. Personalized Learning

The language lessons are backed by AI assistants. The courses are tailor-made that help you learn at your own pace.

4. Learn with Fun

Learning is fun here! The Duolingo app makes learning easier with delightful exercises and characters.

Duolingo founder and chief executive Luis von Ahn wants to switch children’s interests from TikTok and Instagram to Duolingo’s new mathematics version. It is projected to launch next year.
Mr von Ahn shares with BBC News.

“Duolingo is known for language learning but our mission has always been more general – it’s about all of the education,”
“To build physical schools around the world would cost billions, with smartphones we can reach two-thirds of the human population. But the problem with smartphones is they are a double-edged sword – they also come with interruptive things, like TikTok.”

Main Elements in Duolingo

The Duolingo app has engaged and motivated you through the following game elements:

1. Reward

It gives different rewards based on learning; lingot is the main reward. You have to collect dozens of lingots by learning skills or a particular language.

2. Leader-board

This experience is so much fun because you compete with other Duos in a league. You have to earn XP to rise in the ranks of your leaderboard.

3. Level System

It allows you to track your daily progress and motivates you to compete with your friends. Your XP (experience point) examines language “level” to display on profile pages and start commenting during discussions.

4. Badges

The Duolingo app gives different badges and those get displayed on your profile.
Those badges are as follows:

  1. Challenger
  2. Wildfire
  3. Sage
  4. Scholar
  5. Regal
  6. Champion
  7. Sharpshooter
  8. Conqueror
  9. Winner
  10. Legendary
  11. Strategist
  12. Friendly
  13. Weekend Warrior
  14. Photogenic


Other Reasons Why Duolingo is the second most famous app

What exactly differentiates the Duolingo app from others?
The factors are mentioned below:

1- Iconography of Duolingo App

Have you analyzed the chemistry behind the logo of the Duolingo app? Try to analyze it before opening the app.
The app icon is similar to an animated bird with vibrant green plumage, and it makes the app look-alike a fun, engaging, addictive, and smartphone app.
Iconography of Duolingo App

2- Starting Layout

Duolingo app opener is impressive with only one screen, as many apps follow the usual trend of multiple screens for the user. Its single screen allows you to swipe and explore its further functions and tutorials.
duolingo app interface
The initial screen entitles an impressive line, “learn a language for free, forever”. This particular tagline infatuated users to build trust as it’s free and it works. The last two options are also simple and catchy; click the one and start learning.

Onboarding for Language Lessons

After pressing the button “Get started”, you have to select the particular course without wasting your time making accounts or stuff. The only disadvantage is not having a ‘search bar’; you need to scroll and search specific language from the list.

Learning Perspective

Duolingo app designers are smart, competent enough to design a clean screen, well-designed, and provide an easy user interface.
The app allows you to create a counterintuitive profile in which you have to play first and make a profile later, which is an appreciating and distinctive thing.
Their UX strategies are quite impressive and deal with the smartest moves. It permits you to spend 15 minutes of a busy routine and promotes you towards another level.
What are you waiting for? Make your profile and continue to learn within a shorter period.

The Profile

Duolingo apps demand to create a profile and provide you with a great opportunity to learn a new language within minutes. They believe that the more you learn, the more you return.

Final Words
Is Duolingo a safe app? Absolutely!
Its community has declared it a safe environment for language learning because it shows no inappropriate or offensive content.
Is Duolingo worth your money? Totally!
It’s the best free language app you can find on the web. It’s become the Editors’ Choice.
Since learning apps like Duolingo are all the rage, why don’t you develop a unique language lessons app?
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