The Must-have Features in Your Companys Internal Communication App

The Must-have Features in Your Company’s Internal Communication App! .

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In the goal of achieving success, companies often tend to overlook effective internal communication methods. Most of the resources are utilized to maintain external communication i.e marketing and correspondence with customers. And comparatively, fewer resources are diverted inside.

Just like they say, success starts from within. That is why it is highly critical to provide your employees with a practical internal communication system.

Companies are now adopting internal communication apps rapidly. These apps offer faster communication, access to information, and timely completion of projects. But which features sets apart an excellent internal communication app?

I will address this question in detail and discuss the features that make an internal communication app ideal for your employees.

What is an Internal Communication App?

To put it plainly, an internal communication app enables company leaders to communicate with their employees. This, in turn, motivates employees to give their best performance and deliver business goals.

This confirms one thing; internal communication apps are not just the tool of sharing corporate data with the employees but also a strategic instrument to inform, inspire, and listen to the feedback from your employees.

Fundamentally, internal communication apps work on the principle of two-way communication. Such apps serve the purpose of sharing relevant information while gathering productive feedback from the employees.

Generally, internal communication apps can be divided into three broad categories;

1- Employer-to-employee:

This includes surveys and company news feeds.

2- Employee-to-employee:

It has forums, real-time calling.

3- Acquiring Corporate Data:

It includes documents, FAQs, Events

Have a good idea about an internal communication app? Moving forward, what are those must-have features?

Let’s get on with it!

1- Employee Directory

One of the vital features your internal communication app should have is an employee directory. Every business requires employees to interact with each other from time to time. This streamlines the communication company-wide.

Employee Directory
Company employees can get a hold of their co-workers’ contact numbers and email addresses. Furthermore, you can add a short bio, profile picture, and job role against each employee’s record.

2- Company Announcements

In this information era, every individual vigorously uses smartphones. This makes it ideal to incorporate a communication app that can deliver company news and announcements directly on the cellphones.

Having a centralized app that is accessible from anywhere makes it convenient for your staff to remain updated regarding all the latest company feeds.

3- Feedback

Asking your employees for their feedback means you are giving them value. Your employee communication app should have the feedback feature to enable your staff to share their valuable opinion, contributing to your business’s success.

Internal Communication App
According to a recent survey, when companies consult employees based on their feedback, they observe a considerable increase in their productivity. With this feature, you can assess which areas in your company need improvement.

Improvements are needed for an organization to survive!

4- Push Notifications

Do you not want to deliver real-time notifications to your company employees? Guess what, this is the perfect feature for your employee communication app. If you have employees who work in the field or do not stick to their desks often due to their job nature, incorporate this feature in your app.

Push notifications directly on such employees’ smartphones are a great way to share time-sensitive announcements and even news. It is more likely to be read by the employees instead of an email i.e. often accessed from the computers.

5- Employee Self-service

Employees have to reach the human resource department for numerous queries or information; especially during business hours. A large number of employees visiting HR not just burdens the department but also decreases their productivity.

Furthermore, it is even more challenging for diskless or field employees to approach the department for their issues. This is where the employee self-service feature jumps in. Through this, employees can resolve their problems with a 24/7 self-service center.

6- Onboarding Process

Onboarding and training of employees is a crucial process for every organization. Training videos can be shared with newly-hired employees as a productive feature in your internal communication app.

It will not only make the onboarding process smooth but also increase the probability of retaining employees. Moreover, the managers can monitor the hiring process to ensure timely completion.

7- Events

Do you have numerous events lined up this year? Then why don’t you provide an internal communication app that shows upcoming company events? Features of this sort will allow employees to effectively manage those events.

Your internal communication app should allow employees to sync their smartphone calendars with the app.

Internal Communication App: Productivity Tool

Once you add all the features discussed to your employee communication app, you can expect an increase in employee productivity, self-reliance, and a sense of belonging to your company.

Since each business has introduced an internal communication app for their employee, why don’t you adopt this productive tool for your company too?

Once you decide, you can reach out to AppDev360 to get your customized app.

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