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There are a number of factors that the app Owners need to account for in order to successfully launch and grow their apps. From timely updates to regular bug fixes (as need arises), and performance tracking to the customer feedback; the app owners must be on top of everything in order to continue building a strong reputation for their apps.
If you are an app owner about to enter the app market, the following check list will help you be ideally positioned to capitalize on your app’s first release:

Delivers Value
This one seems like a no brainer. Of course, every app has to deliver some kind of value, but do they always? With the number of indie developers rolling out their apps, not every app out there is successfully delivering what is supposed to be its core functionality.
Mobile users are fickle creatures. If your app isn’t perceived as delivering enough value, they’ll ditch it and move on.

Does what it says on the cover
The most annoying thing in an app store is an app that claims to convert your phone into a TV remote, but neglects to mention the additional hardware you’ll need, or the exact kind of TV it’ll work on which you probably don’t own. This is a recipe for negative reviews.
If your app has limitations, mention them clearly in the description. If it delivers a very specific convenience, mention it in the description. Make sure your app description is honest, and covers everything.

Stands out from the rest
Smart money says that there are probably already plenty of apps that do exactly what your app does. So the question is, how is your app different?
Your app needs to break through the clutter, and therefore it must stand out from the rest. Whether it’s because you came up with a better way to do something, or just have a superior UI; as long as it’s unique, you can check this one off.

Gets full points for UI/UX
The modern user doesn’t want to use an app that doesn’t visually appeal to them, it’s as simple as that. If your app doesn’t pass this test, pull out now and go back to the metaphorical drawing board- or graphics tablet.
Your app’s look must score well with the users, who have now been spoiled by such a vast variety of beautifully presented software. The first thing that the user judges your app on is the way it looks- from the splash screen, to the colors on every screen, everything must look and respond well. If it doesn’t, most users would develop a bias against the app before they even get to the core functionality.

Is subtly oriented towards achieving its exact aim
This is different from the core functionality mentioned earlier in this blog. For you, the app has a very different purpose. Whether it is to cement your brand, or compliment an existing service by providing its mobile option, or to earn money from it; make sure your app is subtle about it.
By delivering the respective utility to your users, your app must encourage them to buy from you, or to subscribe to you, or simply to remember your brand favorably.

Abides by the guidelines
If you are going to feature your app on any store, make sure it abides by their guidelines. Your developers should be aware of these standards and help you plan the functionality accordingly. Like Apple had once disabled in app purchases through PayPal on iTunes or the app Store. Make sure your developer is up to date on these and is able to guide you through this.

Is compatible with popular screen sizes
This one applies especially to Android apps. With hundreds of mobiles of varying screens sizes and resolutions running android, you need to understand well, where majority of your users will lie.

Is compatible with recent Software versions
Just like screen sizes, app owners need to be well aware of which exact software versions their users are most likely to use. For Apple products, up to 80% users are on the latest software since Apple has a very good record of getting their users to upgrade. For Android however, more than half the mobile devices currently in use don’t have the hardware to upgrade to the latest version of android. Plan your app’s compatibility accordingly.

Is ready to incorporate future updates
Ever notice how your app store keeps prompting you to install the latest updates of the apps on your device? In some cases, you are even encouraged to update them automatically as soon as a new update is available.
Reason: up to 68% users in the U.S. want weekly or monthly updates to their apps. And so app owners have to appear active to their users by making them feel looked after, and one way of doing that is through updates. Also, updates are often necessary to keep in accordance with the regulations issued by the respective application platform. As part of your long term plan, make sure you have the mechanism in place to frequently update your app to achieve best results and fulfill the most upright standards after its initial release.

Application development is an art and it is necessary to use this distinct art in the best possible way to drive best possible prospects. With the checklist mentioned above, an app owner will not only be able to have the best idea of the app’s performance and growth but also be able to generate new ideas to incorporate in the existing apps with consistent analysis of growth and productivity.

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