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Are you looking for the best UI design for business applications? Remember, business applications aren’t the same as applications that are used every day. Even Enterprise Software UI is different from mainstream UIs and there’s a solid reason behind it.

The best UI design for business applications is different from mainstream applications because of a wide range of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is created for a separate target audience and caters to a different user audience. The users themselves are part of an enterprise, hence the UI enterprise components are also different.

Best UI Design for Business Applications

A business application or to be more precise an enterprise application in nature is unorthodox as the main reason for developing one is to increase the overall productivity of a business. It’s not like an enterprise application will be used for selling products or to order a cab, rather it will be used to make the internal process of an organization more effective. So, if you’re looking for the best UI design for business then make sure to add the following UI Enterprise Components in your UI design:

Familiarity and Navigation:

In a business environment, there are things that all of your employees are familiar with but they would appear unfamiliar to an outsider. The fact is that businesses have their unique identity which is often a part of their branding. Elements in your enterprise software UI can include things as icons intrinsic to the company. Your app needs to create familiarity with the users as it is one of the best UI design for business applications practice.

Navigation is more relevant to UX but it needs to be simple. It shouldn’t take up too much time for your users to navigate from one point to another. Everything needs to be in accordance with your business values as well.


One of the major UI Enterprise Components includes accessibility. Your mobile app should be easily accessible with a single hand. In other words, the design should be simple enough that two hands aren’t required in terms of normal functionality. In fact, statistics indicate that 49% of the users only use a single hand when they’re using an application on their smartphone. This stresses the need that your mobile app’s UI design should cater to the very idea that it should be easily accessible and optimized for single-handed usage.

Brand Consistency:

The best UI design for business applications would be within your company’s image and brand. You need to maintain brand consistency throughout your mobile application so that it can create familiarity and your employees can feel connected when they use the app. A single design system when used as UI Enterprise Components can highly elevate your mobile application within a business environment.

Avoid Content Richness:

Even though content-rich apps can be quite popular, if you’re looking for the best UI design for business applications then you need to avoid content richness. Content-rich apps are generally considered to have a higher rate of cognitive load. You need to understand that your employees aren’t using the app for leisure. Rather, UI Enterprise Components are meant to increase productivity and a simple design is more prone to product results.

In a Nutshell:

The best UI design for business applications must include the above design elements. Enterprise applications are meant to be holistic and cover aspects that are internal to an organization.