7 Signs You Should Invest in Mobile .

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Over a decade after the first smartphone was launched commercially, the mobile industry and the lucrative investment opportunity that it presents, needs no introduction. We’ve seen established brands developing their mobile divisions, and indie developers becoming millionaires by virtue of a single mobile app. With over 130 billion app downloads from the numerous app Stores till date, the mobile industry is booming.

Think you might like a piece of this cake? Well here are 7 signs why investing in the mobile industry could be the break you were looking for.

You understand what people want

Not necessarily all people, but any people (any niche).

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the mobile industry is a business first and foremost, and understanding what a certain people want could be far more important than understanding how the tech works. If you think you know what the market needs, and are certain people would accept a certain solution if provided to them, then you should consider investing your money here. Be the one to profit by providing your solution first.

You can fix what’s Broken

A lot of popular apps today are popular only because they came up with a better way to do something that could already be done by other apps. Just like Flipboard provided a better way to read content online, if you think you can improve how people communicate, share pictures, remember birthdays; you may want to run your idea by someone who understands the mobile industry and get it validated.

This someone could be a reputed developer, or an organization who have been in the business long enough to understand how to assess the idea and calculate its feasibility.

You could use a little extra cash on the side

A little extra cash doesn’t hurt anyone. If you have time on your hands, or don’t mind a few sleepless nights, then you might want to consider putting your money in the booming mobile industry.

Providing users with a new app to make their lives easier, or a game to help them kill time could be your way to earn some extra bucks.

You want to be your own boss

Or maybe, you want a new primary source of income. Yes, why not? Especially, if you want to be your own boss, consider investing your time and money in the mobile industry. You could be well-placed to have a chunk of the $8.3 billion App Store revenue, especially if you are willing to dedicate your complete energy in creating a mobile-offering that could stand out in the industry.

You want to get rid of those mental cobwebs

Let’s do this one like a commercial from the 80s :

Does your mind bore easily?
Do you regularly find yourself looking for new things to do?
Does everything seem a bit too been-there-done-that?
Well then have a look at the mobile side of things!

No, seriously. The mobile industry is a great place to bring those ideas to fruition. With mobiles getting smarter and adding a wide range of capabilities every passing year, the number of ways you can use mobiles is hard to list down.

Give it a go. If you have a head full of ideas, chances are that investing in the mobile industry is the way to fully realize the potential of that creativity.

You Are An Innovator

Advocates of the smartphones highlight the various ways in which mobiles help them organize their work and social life. Whether it is through reminders, or ways to share information and feedback, people are quick to adopt the newer, more simplified ways of performing daily tasks. Not surprisingly, many an opportunistic developer has found ways to earn millions off of it. If you think you’ve spotted unexplored waters and see a way to tap into it by providing people an easier way to do things, you may be on the verge of making history. Start with a proof of concept, and get your vision developed by someone who understands how the mobile industry works.

There Is No Holding You Back

You are a go-getter! You identify yourself as one of those people who can excel at anything once they put their mind to it. Not calling you a workaholic, but if you get an adrenaline rush out of the thought of getting a job done right, then direct your attention towards mobile software- there is so much more that can be done in this field. Developing and marketing a new mobile software needs attention to detail, to create flawless interfaces, and a smooth user experience. You may have what it takes to give your users a truly gratifying experience, and to get them hooked to your app.

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